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Mickey Clausen

Owner/ Creator, Writer, Artist, Inker, Colorist, Letterer

Mickey Clausen has been working in the comics field for over 30 years. He has worked for clients such as Marvel Comics (on the Marvel Lengendary Deck Building Card Game), Boom Studios/Pixar (Toy Story), Boom Studios/Disney (Uncle Scroogr, Mickey Mouse, & the Muppets) IDW Publishing (Ghost Busters), Markosia Comics (N-Guard), Viz/Cartoon Network (Redakai), Digital Webbing (Fist of Justice), Image Comics (Jade Warriors & Exposure)Mattel Hot Wheels, Heavy Metal Magazine, Kenzer & Company (Dungeon & Dragons: Tempest Gates), and Valiant Comics (Harbinger & Solar), just to name a few.

2021-2022 Projects:

"Godai 5" (MindWinder Studios) Penciler, Inker, Colorist

"Seal Team One" (MindWinder Studios) Inker, Colorist, Letterer

"Panda Khan Trade:Chapter 2" (Abacus Press) Inker, Colorist. Letterer

"Sectaurs"  (Gaelstone Media) Inker, Colorist, Letterer

"Fire Frogs"  (Gaelstone Media/ Markosia) Colorist

"Monsters & Midway" ( Second Sight Publishing) Colorist

"No Other Gods" ( Second Sight Publishing) Colorist

"American Eagle" (Cornerstone Creative) Colorist

"Twilight Grimm" ( Silverline Comics) Colorist

"Sniper & Rook" (Silverline Comics) Colorist

Laurie Clausen

Co-Owner, Editor in Chief


2020 Projects:

Editing and Lettering

"Godai 5" (MindWinder Studios)  Letterer

"Seal Team One" (MindWinder Studios) Letterer

"Panda Khan Trade" (Abacus Press) Letterer

Krystal Clausen

Krystal Clausen Production Manager/Colorist

Krystal has been working in the comics field for over 20 years, beginning her career in the comics field at the age of 12, when she started as a letterer and pasteup artist for MindWinder Studios, working on the Japanese Manga for Sun Comics on titles, such as Raika, High School Agent, And Ragnarok Guy. At 16 she started freelancing doing production flats for Valiant Comics.

2020 Projects:

"Godai 5" (MindWinder Studios) Production Flats

"Seal Team One" (MindWinder Studios) Production Flats

"Panda Khan Trade" (Abacus Press) Production Flats

"Sectaurs" (Gaelstone Media) Production Flats

Gianna McElroy

Artist/ Illustrator


2020 Projects:

Gianna is currently co-creating

and Illustrating "Godai 5 "

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