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Now Available !! 


The 80s B&W comic book series

The Chronicles of Panda Khan by Monica Sharp and Dave Garcia is back. Now with artist Mickey Clausen as inker, letterer, and colorist.

It also includes IN FULL COLOR, the Dragon's Tale 8 pg story we did for Stan Sakai when he was published by Fantagraphics, and a new 8 page story introducing "BaFo the Cloud Jumper", his 1st ever appearance in the Panda Khan Universe and comics.


Coming in May !! From Antarctic Press!

Horror 3.jpg

Horror Comics #3

Genre: Horror
Writer:Bradley Golden
Illustrator: Alessio Nocerino

Colorist:Mickey Clausen
Letterer : Hector Negrete
Cover by: Helmut Racho Cover B by: David Hutchison 

Coming this Fall !! 

            Cornerstone Creative Studios

Excited to announce that American Eagle from Cornerstone Creative Studios is officially in production! We have this beautiful cover to share with you for our oversized Issue (to be released as a short 50 pg graphic novel), which is a bit reminiscent of Apocalypse Now in the best possible way. Pencils will commence in approximately two months. 

Book Credits:
Created by: Jesse Hansen and Daniel Horowitz
Writing: Daniel Horowitz
Pencils: Javier Lugo
Inks: Jesse Hansen
Colors: Mickey Clausen

Cover Credits:
Pencils: Jerry Donato
Inks/Colors: Mickey Clausen

Coming Soon In Collaboration with....


What do you get If you crossed G.I.Joe® and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® you’d get ACTION MICE, a specialized military task force of battle-hardened mice with one single goal; to combat the increasing onslaught of the Iron Weasels. The world needs new tiny heroes, and the ACTION MICE are here!ACTION MICE is an animated action/adventure series reminiscent of the classic

cartoons Transformers and Thunder Cats, and its ready to bring back that same magical feeling of fun. 

Written by J Robert Bryans and Sean Tourangeau,

Illustrated by  Sean Tourangeau with MindWinder Studios providing inks, colors and letters.

Also Coming in 2021 from Gaelstone Media ...

From J Robert Bryans :

" I have been teasing about this announcement for a little while, and is proud that Gaelstone Media Group is able to make it today.

It is my extreme pleasure to be able to announce, along with Maureen Theresa Trotto and Timothy Clarke, that I will be writing the relaunch comic book (along with Maureen) for Sectaurs.

Originally launched in the 80's, Sectaurs was a toy line from Coleco Toys, and 8 issue comic book series for Marvel Comics and a 5 part animated series. Created by Trotto and Clark.

This new series will begin roughly 7 years after the events in the Marvel comicbook, and will see the heroes of the Shining Realm and the villains of the Dark Domain locked in a continuing conflict for the planet of Symbion. We aill see all the characters we remember well from the original run, while introducing new characters.

Joining myself and Maureen on the comicbook series will be Jc Fabul providing art and Mickey Clausen and MindWinder Studios providing inks, letters and colors."

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