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Chronicles of Panda Khan:Chapter 2 Coming Soon!

Chapter 1 Still

Available !! 


The 80s B&W comic book series

The Chronicles of Panda Khan by Monica Sharp and Dave Garcia is back. Now with artist Mickey Clausen as inker, letterer, and colorist. It also includes IN FULL COLOR, the Dragon's Tale 8 pg story we did for Stan Sakai when he was published by Fantagraphics, and a new 8 page story introducing "BaFo the Cloud Jumper", his 1st ever appearance in the Panda Khan Universe and comics.

Coming In 2023 From MINDWINDER STUDIOS !!!
Seal Team One CV.png


Since the beginning of time the 5 spirits of the Godai have been protecting the world from the Evil Demon horde of the Zokai. They are the world’s only hope for survival against the Evil Zokai. They are the Godai 5 !!

Co-Created by Gianna Mc Elroy & Mickey Clausen.

Art by Gianna McElroy and Mickey Clausen


traces the experiences of a young sailor in Vietnam who is a member of Seal Team One during that war. Follow his adventures as a S.E.A.L. , and some of the unexpected twists that fate has in store for him.

Created, Written and drawn by Frank Richard.
Inks, colors, & letters by Mickey Clausen.

Coming In 2023 In Collaboration with....
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Fire Frogs.jpg

Coming from Gaelstone Media, Global Genesis Group and Markosia Enterprises in 2023.

Written by Jon Bryans, pencils and inks by Terry Pallot and colours and letters by Mickey Clausen.

HydrantCity is under siege by the pyranical group known only as the Pyrominions. Action Command takes action and forms a specialized group to combat the scorching villains FireFROGS, led by FiveAlarm. Their only mission, stop Wyldfire and his Pyrominions before then burn down the city.

First three pages from issue #1 of the first issue of the FireFrogs comic mini-series coming from Gaelstone Media, Global Genesis Group and Markosia Enterprises in 2023.


FireFROGs, all characters and story elements are & © 2021 Gaelstone Media and Global Genesis Group, all rights reserved.

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